• Do I need to sign up as a COUPLE?
    No, you do NOT need to sign up with a dance partner, but we want the numbers to be perfectly balanced so some preference might be given to couples. 
  • If I want to register with a partner, do we have to send in SEPARATE applications?
    Yes, each one of you must send in your own separate application. However, please let us know if you are registering with a partner as a dance couple. We cannot guarantee that both of you will be accepted, and if accepted as a couple is a condition for you joining our workshop, please let us know in your application.
  • Is there an application DEADLINE?
    We’re accepting applications as long as we have space available. When the workshop is full, it will be stated clearly on the front page.
  • When will I know if I have been accepted to the workshop?
    We will review applications as we receive them, and send out confirmations in the weeks following.
    • The payment of the full fee of U$250 or a deposit of $125 will be due within two weeks of your acceptance to keep your spot in the program.
  • How do I know what group/level I will be in?
    We will notify you about your group in your welcome package e-mail a week before the event. Kevin and Jo will do a final level assessment after Module 1 on Friday night.
  • What type of video are you looking for?
    We want to see what your dancing looks like. Ideally, your video will:

 – be properly lit (vs being shot at night in poor lighting) 
– have a simple backdrop 
– include at least 4 swing outs 
– show full body (feet, hands, head, etc.) 
– be social dancing (instead of a routine) However, if the best quality video of you is during prelims at a contest, please tell us what you and your partner are wearing so we can find you.

We recommend going to your local dance early (while the lights are still up), bring a partner and perhaps a speaker, and have a friend record you dancing  180bpm+ from a cell phone.

If you have trouble uploading a video to Youtube, please watch this How To. You are welcome to make this video ‘unlisted’ (so it’s not public on youtube) and then send us that link. If you have further questions, please email boston.lindytech@gmail.com.

  • What is INCLUDED in the workshop price? Are housing and food included?
    Included are the classes with Kevin & Jo (10 hours over 3 days) and 5 hours of Rehearsal Time. Housing and food are NOT included in the workshop price.
  •  Cancellation Policy?
    Once you are accepted, you have until January 22, 2020, to cancel and receive a full refund. If you must cancel your registration after that date, we can only refund you if we can find somebody to fill your spot.